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One Super app, many services

Yelowsoft brings you its latest offering in the form of a Super App. This umbrella app consists of multiple apps which provide enterprises with a golden opportunity to manage all their different businesses on the same platform.

With a Super App, you can expand your business by adding many other services under your name. This can prove to be handy especially in times of COVID-19 where dependence on one business type can prove to be catastrophic.

What does our super app offers?

Connect riders to the nearby drivers

Offer rich ride-hailing experience to your riders with the help of advanced features and cutting-edge technology of our Super App.

  • Take insight-driven business decisions with reports & analytics
  • Manage high demand at peak hours with a heat map
  • Charge and collect driver commission with automated driver billing
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Explore cities with car rental services

Offer top-notch car-rental services where riders can rent a car to explore the city by making multiple stoppages in a predetermined period.

  • Create multiple packages and keep different rates which can be edited later.
  • Enable customers to rent a car with just a few taps on their smartphone.
  • Supervise your operations by tracking your drivers in real-time.
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Simple, quick, and stress-free shuttle riding experience

Enable your customers to commute from one place to another quickly and conveniently with our shuttle mobility solution.

  • Define pricing as per your business requirements with our dynamic pricing model
  • Optimize all the routes on your fingertips
  • Identify and understand the trends and growth opportunities
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Ordering your favourite cuisines is just a few taps away

Enable your customers to order their favourite cuisines from their favourite restaurants and outlet with our on-demand food delivery solution.

  • Manage high volumes of food orders at 99.9% uptime
  • Add, remove, block, and manage all the restaurants seamlessly
  • Resolve grievances and provide lucrative offers to customers.
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Deliver groceries at your customer’s doorsteps

Empower your customers to order groceries at any time and anywhere with our on-demand grocery delivery solution.

  • Customers can easily track their grocery orders in real-time
  • Customers can find grocery and its type by using advanced filters and sorting options.
  • Offer customers with multiple modes of payments like a card, cash, and wallet
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Pickup and deliver parcels at lightning speed

Offer lightning-quick parcel delivery services to your customers with our on-demand parcel delivery solution.

  • Customers can track the location of their package in real-time.
  • Delivery agents click the pictures of the item with signatures as a proof of delivery
  • Customers can verify their package with a picture proof
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Deliver massive amount of cargo with ease

Effortlessly manage your cargo delivery business with our on-demand cargo delivery solution containing enhanced and advanced features.

  • Offer helpers to your customers as per the shape, size, and weight of the cargo
  • Provide complete cargo information to the delivery agent like description, weight, and address.
  • Delivery agents take pictures of the goods delivered as proof of delivery.
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Super features of our super app

Yelowsoft’s Super App comes with a set of super features which makes it stand out from the rest of the solutions. It also unlocks countless opportunities for you to drive your business ahead.

Interactive dashboard

Get comprehensive information about your drivers, delivery persons, and customers on our interactive dashboard.

Integrated wallet system

Manage payments, transactions, commissions, and other money related matters with our integrated wallet system.

Integrated heat map

Boost your profits by diverting your resources to the areas of maximum demands as shown by the heat map.

Our satisfied clients

Yelowsoft helps its taxi client from Caribbean – Travee with a robust taxi dispatch system. Listen what Travee has to say about their experience.

Yelowsoft helps its Mexican client – Click To Go with an advanced Super App. Watch the below video where our client shares his experience of working with us.

Yelowsoft revamped its France-based client CPUT by delivering an advanced ride-hailing solution. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.

Yelowsoft guided its Malaysia-based client CPUT to emerge as a leading e-hailing service by delivering our robust e-hailing platform. Watch the video below where our client shares their experience.

Yelowsoft’s global footprints

Yelowsoft has provided top-notch on-demand solutions to clients that come from all the corners of the world. Our global footprint is growing each day.

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